21 pieces of advice for 20’s

As much as I hate to say this, but I’m in my early 30’s now (lol). Anyway…I’m quite sure I have gone through my twenties pretty well. I’m pretty much living in my 20’s dream now. So I guess I want to share my best pieces of advice if you are in your twenties:

  1. Be kind. It so easy to not be kind to the world nowadays, but you always have the choice to be kind. Always choose kindness.
  2. Be respectful. Respect everyone around you no matter their age, position, job, religion or ethnic group. We are all the same, living in this place called earth.
  3. Start giving. No matter how much you earn now, start give some small percentage of your money for others in need. If you are Muslim like I am, start paying your zakah.
  4. Take it easy. First job (most of the time) sucks, but you just have to deal with it. There is no roles that is too small, we are all playing our part in this world. If you can survive your first job, I promise you will learn a lot and grow from this experience.
  5. Learn to listen better. Social media gives you a chance to speak even louder, but you have to remember to listen other people too.
  6. Learn to be a good team player. I understand many times we just want to act as a leader, but you need to also learn work as a team. Remember, all the great leaders were also team players.
  7. Don’t be a social climber. Live they way you can afford, stay true to yourself. The time shall come for a better one.
  8. Find some way to do volunteering. No need a big one,  e.g. you can try teach English to kids in your neighborhood, and see how this affects your feelings.
  9. Go traveling by yourself. It doesn’t matter how far it is, but give time for yourself only to really explore the place you visit. Pay attention to small things around you.
  10. Read books. Anything you like. I know it’s not easy nowadays with all these distractions around us, but give it a shot!
  11. Start exercising. You don’t have to go the gym like everybody does. Explore and find at least one thing you like and stick to it. I hate exercise so much, but I found my fondness for tennis!
  12. Join a community. Be it Harry Potter fandom, sketching community, or even English debate society. Open yourself for people who doesn’t share the same background with you but still have something in common. I found many great people who are now my best friends from a community I joined years ago.
  13. When it comes to fashion and look, find your own style. Anything makes you comfortable, but also makes you look good. Remember, when you look good, you feel good.
  14. Go for a movie by yourself once in a while. No need to feel alone. Enjoy the movie for yourself!
  15. Be friends with your parents. Spend some time to them, talk to them, or simply be presence!
  16. Write a letter (not email) at least once. You can try to find some penpal site in the web, and try to make friends with other people from other parts of the world, send them a snail mail. You might like this experience.
  17. Send flowers to a friend. You can use any occasions; birth day, new job, graduation. Flower never fails. See how this make them feel, and, you feel.
  18. Don’t smoke. Just don’t. If you really can’t stop, just try to smoke only when you are sure no one around you would be irritated.
  19. Pursue higher education. Not because you have ambition for certain position, but because you are passionate with what you learn.
  20. Live abroad for once. If you can’t afford it, try to get scholarship or find any available program that might help you to get this experience. Open yourself with the world and immerse yourself in this experience.
  21. Be patient (it’s not easy for me too). A good friend once told me that everyone has their own time zone. There is no too early, or too late. It’s okay if your friend has a higher position, much better salary, or got married and have two children, when you are not (yet). The time shall come, someday you will be living your dream even before you are realizing it.

So, that’s my 20 best pieces of advise. I hope this could be useful for you guys who is in your twenties, or um, for anyone!

Lots of love,



A cup of warm tea

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Hello. 🙂

So, above is the default post from the WordPress. I actually really like the suggestion:

If you like, use this post to tell readers why you started this blog and what you plan to do with it.

So ya, I am gonna tell you about why I started this blog.

This site is my third blog sites, I have made it hidden the rest two, sorry. I have been blogging since 2006 which I couldn’t believe that makes about.. 10 years! I know that I only write every now and then, but still this is an achievement (lol). I am kind of embarrassed looking back my old notes, and I also couldn’t believe on how much things have changed in the past ten years.

I remember the day when Facebook was not even a thing, it was not even invented (yet) and what I did was blogging. I think it is just a nature of human, we live to share. Even the most introvert person I know, wants to share, about their thoughts.  Which is why I started blogging in the first place back then. It always feels different between blogging, which you may don’t visit often, and social media, a place where you check in every single day. When you have to put more effort on what you want to write, you tend to think it deeper. You might want it to be perfect, complete, easy to read or thousands of any other reasons, but in the other hand, the writing process itself makes you actually wander. Many times you just write and let the words flow, and that’s I guess one of the most genuine form of art. Just like a song played in acoustic session.

I don’t expect loads of visitors to this site, but I imagine people who come is someone like a good friend, someone that would sit with you in a cafe, sharing each other stories and perhaps with a cup of tea.

I am a tea lover and I start off most of my days with a cup of warm tea. And I will share some pieces of my life with you. 🙂