Hello again. So currently I am in one of my favorite city in the world, Yogyakarta. I am always fascinated with how I could be so gravitated to this city, a place that I always miss no matter what.

I’ve been here in Yogyakarta since four days ago, I was invited to this very cool (un)conference where I could get the chance to meet many inspiring people from the industry in one of the most (un)conventional way (if you are curious you can check out here: When I got invitation from the (un)conference, I was a bit terrified because I would meet many people I don’t actually know over the course three days. In the end I just decided to participate in and what happened next was just really nice, I interacted with many inspiring people and actually had real conversation with. I chatted with this author of a book I have at home, my ex-boss who is now a director, a news anchor who I thought wouldn’t want talk to me (lol), and some more interesting people. It’s great to hear people telling what they are passionate about, also I get to tell my story too!

I decided to extend my stay here for a day before coming back to reality in Jakarta. I wanted have some time for my self, just for relaxing and to actually stop (even for one day) from the bustling live I have and it’s been working out so well! I went to Borobudur temple this morning (with the group actually, but I didn’t really in the group). I decided to just enjoy the place, the moment and be open. Here is the thing, we you start to actually be with yourself, and be open, all those serendipity starts to happen. I met this girl, Ashna, she is from Sri Lanka and now working  in Singapore as a doctor. We just started to talk and we ended up having a spa together (lol). We met this wonderful girl Myra from Switzerland and just kept being chatty. It was lovely! I just love to hear people’s story (while I’m being chatty about myself too!). They both are very nice, and inspiring too. We exchanged loads of story in so little time. The fact that we are around the same age made it even better!

This is not the first time I made friendship out of the travelling – in fact, I have made many beautiful friendship from similar experience! This reminds me that  sometimes you just need to have little break from yourself, embrace life, loose your expectation and let yourself open with new possibilities. When you actually spend some time with just yourself, you would find that you are not even alone at all. You are surrounded by people (or, well, at least few people) that would happily enter your life. It could be for only a day, or forever. Serendipity.


Yogyakarta, 9 April 2017


photo credit: me


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